Annuals at Florida’s Garden Pit



Yes they are only for a year, but we must have a few. Plus delightfully, here in Central Florida, a lot of what is termed Annuals come back the next year.
This year we grew a HUGE SELECTION of Annuals and Seasonal Color. 
Favorites are Torenias (wishbone flowers), Vinca ( the New Jam and Jelly Selection), Angel Wing Begonias (these are usually perennials)- New Guinea Impatiens (great new selection), Coleus (like Under the Sea Shrimp****), Easy Wave Petunias (the one that stand summer’s here), Gerbera Daisies ( of course a different strain), Guara (how can you have containers with out these ?) and lots of more of the unusual because that is what The Garden Pit is about.

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A wide selection of Annuals and Geraniums at Florida's Garden Pit

A wide selection of Geraniums at Florida’s Garden Pit

These annuals are among everyone's favorite in Florida

These annuals are among everyone’s favorite in Florida