Bamboo Plants Selection

Bamboo Plants Selection is Outstanding!

Our new bamboo plants selection is here, so we are potting them up. They are clumping bamboo, 8 kinds. Clumping bamboo is non-invasive, fast growing, and makes a privacy screen or an accent plant.

We have species that grow from 10 to 45 ft. Some are salt tolerant for beach side, and some are unique, with yellow and green canes. Come out to see our selection.

See our wide selection of these wonderful plants¬†at Florida’s Garden Pit, located on State Road 40 just 6 minutes west of I-95 in Ormond Beach.

If you have any questions please contact us today! ¬†Another good way to keep up with Florida’s Garden Pit is through our Facebook page as well.

The best way to experience our business is to just come on over an see all that we have to offer.