The Graceful Ladies of the South

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The Graceful Ladies of the South~ Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias. How can we think of a southern garden without these three?
Azaleas- We stock the Encore Azaleas for more blooms. Don’t limit your love for these plant to spring, for with right care Encores bloom three times a year. Wonderful colors!
Camellias – Winter comes, the weather is cooler, and the gardens are a touch of boring! Camellias are a winter blooming with their big wonderful flowers of many shades ~and glossy dark green leaves make them a wonderful backdrop shrub for year around. We carry a great selection from a unbelievable grower Specializing in these striking plants.
Gardenias ~ Think of Gardenia and you think of coolness and fragrance. While all gardenias are not fragrant as you may believe, they are all beautiful long blooming shrubs of different characteristics. We bring you the Fragrance and the Beauty in our Selection.