Herbs are probably one of the most fun and rewarding plants you can grow. Most of them are relatively easy to grow, (some like mint “too easy” with their spreading capabilities), but mints and the rest of the herbs are like any other plant, to be a successful grower you must have the right plant, the right place, and the right growing conditions. Growing conditions relates to in the ground or a container ~ many of our herbs can not stand over-watering and that means correct dirt and planting ~wherever you grow them.

I love cooking with fresh herbs and the different Mint Teas are addictive! 
We grow ~   17 kinds of Mint, 4 kinds of Rosemary 3 kinds of Oregano, Marjoram, Mexican Tarragon, Vietnamese Coriander, Thyme for your culinary and tea herbs. We also grow Lavender and Lemon Verbena. 
We will be glad to get you the right dirt and the instructions. You must try the Berries and Cream Mint!