Perennials at the Garden Pit


Perennials in Florida are somewhat limited, so many times overlooked. However, there are enough of them that they should never be forgotten. Yet with research, growing, and experimenting I have come up with some Beauties that we stock.
SALVIAS. Reliable, colorful, a huge variety, and magnets for butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. I am not talking about the annual Salvia you see in the six packs or 4”, but 1 gallon pots of overflowing color that will come back year after year. Growing from 12” to 4-5 ft., they come in blues, purples, reds, white, coral, and multi. I have a Hot Lips, red and white, and guess what they look like in a pot by my deck. I planted it in 2014 when we moved here. It is 3 ft x 3 ft. (with pruning) and hasn’t stopped blooming since it was potted. 
LANTANAS :  Red, yellow, multi- colored. Tough as nail and now there are varieties that do not freeze back such as the yellow, Miss Huff. 
DIANTHUS: You see them mostly around in beds in the winter, but I grow Zing Rose in my butterfly garden year around, and several varieties here in there in pots all year for their spicy smell. Great bright spots of color. 
Angel Wing Begonias come back for me here on Rima Ridge – in pots or  in the ground. Trailing mounds of bright red and pink in part shade. 
Vinca – Vinca has grew and bloomed year around in front of my house and in pots in the Garden Shop. Now there is a new one called Blackberry – purple and white eye.
 Then Purslane, Orange Sinningia, Fox glove, Guara, Blue Daze, Creeping Jenny, Summer long Blooming Day Lilies, Porterweed, and I know I am forgetting some, but look at your landscaping and containers and see where you need spots of carefree color (except for maybe a touch of deadheading), and I will keep looking and experimenting to add to the list.