The Sale of the Summer!

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The Sale of the Summer!

Florida’s Garden Pit has an unbelievable sale going on right now on pottery, plants, bird baths, fountains and more!

It all starts with the right plants and if you come to the Garden Pit now, 95% of our plants are on sale- 25 to 60% off!

Pottery adds a striking effect to any landscape.  No one has more beautiful pottery than you will find at Florida’s Garden Pit.  And right now, we have all of our pottery on sale- 20 to 40% off prices that were already low!

Bird Baths are always fun to have and provide an interesting contrast to any yard.  Right now Bird Baths are 35% off!

The gentle sound of running water is a perfect way to relax for you and for guests.  Get a fountain from Florida’s Garden Pit for an incredible price because they have been marked down!

Spend some time in our gift show and browse the collectibles, antiques and more. Right now, everything in our gift shop is either 30 or 40% off! Collectibles and antiques are 25% off already discounted prices!

Now that the rainy season is ending soon, you’ll want to spend more time in the yard but spend less money getting the items you need!  There is no better time to save on everything at Florida’s Garden Pit than now!